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Playa Escondida

Then & Now

Playa Escondida is a family owned property.

Located at the beautiful shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Arecibo, PR (USA) in between the island's two main international airports with over 1,000 ft of shoreline.

The property has a hidden beach (allusive to its name) with an enormous rock that covers this ocean’s deeps.


It’s a magical place in each one of the year’s seasons. On the spring and summer months the rock stays dry, and the ocean calmed. During the fall and winter months the waves hit the rock forming a waterfall that creates a unique beautiful pool.


In the middle of the property is located a wood cabin with a balcony and double door windows as the typical “jíbara” house from Puerto Rico, perfect scenario for pictures.

The cabin is surrounded by nature; including palms, sea grapes and trees, creating different photographic scenarios for any kind of events.

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